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On the windiest site in west Wales Steve Woolford built me a Canadian wooden cabin. We started ground foundations in late May and moved our furniture in in early August of the same year. The lodge itself was finished in 6 weeks. During that hurricane in February 2014 the house neither rocked nor rattled. Yet that same night the old farm sheds nearby were destroyed. And the cabin is warm! Our only source of heating is one small wood-burner, which heats the whole building to tropical warmth.
Steve’s attention to detail is superb. This was the first house I had designed, and Steve provided everything to echo my dream, down from the style of the kitchen taps up to the vaulted ceiling and the quality of the Canadian wood – all at the lowest cost he could research. Steve Woolford knows his wood! And he knows how to choose his contractors – the best.
Mr Woolford’s after-sales service, even after our four years’ contented living here, is immediate and caring.


Near Haverfordwest

Energy Efficient Timber Lodges

Our lodges are built to comply with the highest level home building regulations. Each bespoke building is UK manufactured to exacting standards and can be clad in a choice of materials from pressure treated softwood to cedar or larch. For windows and doors we offer a choice of UPVC, timber or aluminium and unlike the typical park home, insulation and interior finish are similar to what you would expect from any timber frame home.


Modern timber frame buildings age well compared to their masonry equivalents. A study carried out by the BRE on 120 timber frame houses built between 1920 and 1975 found their performance to be "similar to traditionally built dwellings of the same age and, given proper maintenance, likely to remain so for the foreseeable future."

There are open panel timber frame homes in Britain dating back to the 1800s and for most countries timber frame construction is the norm.


Timber frame is by far the most environmentally friendly way to build. All of our lumber comes from FSC certified sustainable sources and unlike other building materials wood is an unlimited resource. In addition, due to the natural insulation properties of wood, timber buildings typically retain heat better than similar masonry buildings and are therefore more energy efficient.

The Service

As a Spahaus customer you have free access to our team of professionals. Before you make the decision to build you may find it helpful to discuss issues such as financing the project, design or planning considerations.

As part of our service we offer:

  • Free design consultation.
  • Free planning consultation.
  • Free financial consultation.

The Process

Stage 1: You send us a rough drawing of how you would like your Spahaus lodge to look. Include things like external dimensions, windows doors etc. also where you would like the internal rooms to be and what sizes.

Stage 2: Our architects then produce a CAD drawing of your building, drawn from your specifications; which is emailed to you for consideration.

Stage 3: When all of the design issues are dealt with our engineers produce a kit which is delivered to your site and erected by our qualified carpenters ready for services.

Price Guide

As this is a bespoke product we do not publish a price list. You should however expect to pay well below the price of a similar sized traditional home.

We are never beaten on price and would be happy to quote on your project.